ULV Misting Treatment

ULV Misting Treatment


The Ultra Low Volume treatment is our latest technique of light fumigation for internal areas. The treatment involves emitting tiny droplets of our specially formulated chemical preparation into the open areas.

Apart from killing by contact to the flying insects, it is also effective in flushing out German cockroaches, fleas and bugs which is deeply entrenched in the structure of the building. This treatment will be able to reach cracks, cervices, and areas inaccessible during our normal spraying.

Here are the general guidlines in performing ULV Treatment:

  • All air-conditioning units should be switched off
  • All food items must be kept in sealed containers
  • All electrical items e.g. television, computers, printers, fax machine, telephone must be fully covered with plastic sheet
  • All drawers in the cabinets should be preferably opened up
  • No authorized personnel should be around during the ULV exercise for at least 4 hours

ULV Misting Treatment

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