Anti Termite Soil Treatment

Anti Termite Soil Treatment


Preventive soil treatment is carried out when the property is being built. Termiticide solution will be sprayed over the soil for the entire built up area include the perimeter and sub-floor of a building to eradicate termites attempting to gain entry into the building through a treated soil area.

How Do Anti Termite Soil Treatment Works ?

It’s important to realise that a treated zone is not a “termite barrier” preventing termites from entering your home. They are designed to work with the structural aspects of your home (foundations, “ant capping”, etc), to prevent termites entering your home without being noticed. That is, to get into your home they need to build a mud tube around the barrier. When they do this, they can be spotted and dealt with. 

Clearly the success of any soil treatment is dependent on ensuring an even application of chemical around and under the property. If there are concrete paths or pavers around the property, it is possible to drill through concrete and pavers and inject the product into the ground. However, there is no way of knowing how even the chemical has been distributed in the soil and we believe it can give a false sense of security. If we cannot be confident of installing a complete, even soil treatment, we will always discuss other treatment options such as baiting.

Although soil termite treatments can be an excellent option in many situations, sometimes building construction, soil type and the gradient of the block means a chemical treatment cannot be applied successfully and other options should be considered. Always be careful of pest control companies who only push one treatment option.

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