Fogging & Larvaciding

Fogging & Larvaciding
Fogging & Larvaciding
Fogging & Larvaciding


What Is Fogging 

Fogging is a technique used for killing insects that involves using a fine pesticide spray (aerosol) which is directed by a blower. In some cases a hot vapour may be used to carry the spray and keep it airborne for longer. Fast acting pesticides like pyrethroids are typically used. This is widely used for sampling or studying insects in the canopy of tall of forests which cannot be effectively reached. The floor below the trees are lined with plastic sheets and the fog causes insects to fall in a rain. These are collected for later study in the laboratory.

Fogging is also used for controlling insects in closed spaces like greenhouses, homes and basements.

Why Mosquito Fogging Is Important ?

You may believe that mosquitoes at your workplace are a necessary evil, especially if your business is located near water or a forest area. Fortunately, this is not the case. Mosquito fogging is a treatment that will free your workplace from mosquitoes and provide relief for you, your employees, customers and vendors. But mosquito control is not just about eliminating a nuisance. Here are five more important reasons why mosquito fogging will benefit your business.

  • Protect Your Employees and Customers from Mosquito-Borne Disease
  • Increase Productivity
  • Ensure Workplace Safety
  • Show That You Are Care
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