They may cause serious problems when a large number of them flock together in a roosting site such as contaminating raw materials, finished goods, or food, damaging property through their droppings that can corrode building materials, causing negative impact on business image and reputation, carrying various diseases, and posing safety risks to public due to their aggressiveness during the breeding season.
Birds Netting
Bird netting or anti-bird netting is a form of bird pest control. It is a net used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas.

Gel Application
Gel can be used on ledges, sills, beams, rafters, signs, statues, & hundreds of other outdoor surfaces to prevent pest birds from roosting. This gel does not harm birds – it simply makes surfaces uncomfortable, intimidating, & uninviting.

Bird Spike
Bird spike, also known as an anti -roosting or roost modification, is a device consisting of long, needle like stainless steel rods to attached to building ledges, street lighting, roof top and commercial signage to prevent wild or feral birds from perching or roosting.